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Known Job Scams


Below are recent URLs and email addresses for contacts that have been identified by various schools as having posted fraudulent jobs at their sites or who have sent phishing emails. Remember that fraudulent employers change their names, URLs and email addresses frequently.  They can easily re-register scam jobs at job posting sites using a different name and email address.

NOTE: Fraudulent employers often use the names of legitimate employers. Both original and "hijacked" (or variations of) legitimate company names are included below.

IDEA: Run a web search on the website URL or email address of any employer that looks suspicious.  Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true!  646-470-0307
Cleverfly Media
Daniel Lefler  
Amber Vierra   
Dennis White
Tony Hommes "Aarons Incorporation" "Jerry Cane"  "Mark Feygelson"
cheryl Rodenhuis
baryy johnson M-T Marketing & Advertising Companies Marabella Alexis or or  or or or or or or - pet sitting scams or or  
Nichole Laricks Realty or or
Daniela Barbel Realty or
Donald Butler at (Note: correct email has a space between “us” and “office”) or


Fake Checks Fraud Test
Mystery Shopper scams
U.S. Gov. Federal Trade Commission 
Better Business Bureau
MSU State News – Email Scams